Radio Amani staff,fans and stakeholders participate on a peace walk to Subukia Marian Shrine.The intention was to pray for peace in the country as we head to the general election and peace in families.

During the walk the participants prayed and sung.The walk concluded with a Mass  which was a collaboration between the Communication sub department andthe Catechetical sub department.The Catechists were at the shrine for a day of prayer  which was facilitated by Sr Mumbua the Catechetical Coordinator.

The Celebrants for the mass were Fr Martin Murimi and Fr Mureithi from Keriget his homily Fr Murimi thanked the Catechist for the role they play in the church.He also thanked Radio Amani staff for the work they do by evangelizing through the media.

Sr Michelle the Communications Coordinator thanked all the participants and stakeholders that contributed to make the day a success.


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