Choir members from the Deaneries in the Diocese attended mass on 28th October 2017 at the Cathedral Church of Christ the King.This is part of the various activities this year aimed at enabling all the groups in the church to celebrated the Golden Jubilee.

The celebrant was Rt Rev Maurice Muhatia assisted by Very REV Fr Mbogo and Fr his homily the bishop caution the members to be agents of peace and love and to avoid spreading hate speech especially through social media.He encouraged them to quit  whats up or Facebook groups that spread propaganda especially on negative ethnicity.

by requesting for the song “simama imara katika imani usiogope” which means stand firm in faith do not be afraid.His Lordship encouraged the choir members to pray for the country especially at this political period.At the end of mass the song bind us together Lord reminded the members present to stay united.


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