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Dear young people may each one of you be a jar of perfume that will be broken and spill over the love of Christ to the world”Bishop Maurice Muhatia -Palm Sunday 2018

The Diocese of Nakuru dedicates the Palm Sunday mass to the youth.For this year the palm Sunday youth mass was animated by Njoro Deanery. The theme Being “Do not be afraid Mary,For you have found favour in God”Lk 1:30.

The mass was led by Rt Rev Maurice Muhatia Bishop of Nakuru assisted by Fr David Ngige( Youth Chaplain )and Fr Douglas (Vocation Director).in his homily the Bishop referred to the Gospel of the day from Mark informing the youth not to forget the setting of that gospel which was in the house of Simon the leper.He explained that lepers were known for their stench and hopeless situation.However our Lord associated himself with the lowly. Referring to the woman in the gospel who broke her jar to anoint Christ the Bishop said”Dear young people of CDN go out and allow yourself to be broken and spill over the perfume of Christs love.The jar of the perfume was broken because God is wasteful with his love he gives in abundance and the love overflows to the world”

The cross was also handed over to East pokot Deanery who will lead next years youth mass.The outgoing officials were also recognized for their noble service to the youth.