“Today as we celebrate the gift of our parish, what does the Holy Trinity signify for me? Is my heart, home, parish a dwelling place for the Holy Trinity?”  Bishop Muhatia during the celebration of mass at Holy Trinity parish –Milimani

Being the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity the Parish of Holy Trinity Milimani Celebrated their Feast Day. The mass was led by Rt. Rev Maurice Muhatia Bishop of Nakuru assisted by the priests of the Parish. The catechumens also received the sacrament of Confirmation.

In his homily the Bishop explained that the revelation of God as the Holy trinity happened progressively for our the old testament God manifest himself as Father who takes care of his own, God the provider and the Second reading God reveals himself as the son of God Jesus Christ in whom God has adopted us as his children. In the gospel of the day Christ gives his disciples a mandate to preach the good news to all nations by baptising them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit therefore the revelation of the holy trinity becomes complete.  The Bishop noted that the Mystery of the Holy trinity is the most difficult to explain yet most used mystery however he added that  Without the mystery of the holy trinity all the other mysteries lacks meaning.

The bishop concluded by saying that the celebration of the Trinity is a celebration of love which has become our love led by Christ.


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