Opening of Parish Number (52) St Monica Parish -Lanet

Opening of Parish Number (52) St Monica Parish -Lanet

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St Monica Lanet Parish under Fr Andati adds as the fifth member of the Parishes in Lanet Deanery. On 8th July 2018 the parish was officially opened in a mass led by Bishop Muhatia assisted by Frs. Kiriti,Benja,Mureithi and  Andati. To mark the day there was confirmation, matrimony and commissioning of Catholic Women Association (CWA) new members.

Bishop Maurice Muhatia thanked God for the successful completion of the Parish. He also thanked Fr Daniel Kiriti and the Christians for the hard work and commitment in building the church “Keep the faith “the bishop added as he thanked the donors of the land and the first Christians of the Parish.

In the first reading of the day the Bishop likened the sending of Prophet Ezekiel to preach the good news to the opening of the new parish. “As we start a new parish we proclaim the foundation of prophet Ezekiel, we are all invited to proclaim and evangelize and not to lose focus” He said.

The bishop encouraged the Christians to be instruments of Evangelization in marriage, society, country and the world. The church is the bride of Christ as Christians of St Monica we are called to live in holiness because Christ our bride is holy “he added.

Referring to the second reading the bishop encouraged the Christians to persevere and avoid the gospel of prosperity. He encouraged them to trust in God because his grace is always sufficient. Christ was rejected by his own people but remained focused to the end.

“Dear Christians of St Monica pray for the grace of God, even in hardship be strong in faith. Prayer changes everything St Augustine Changed because of the Prayers of St Monica. Your Patron Saint Monica will lead all of you in prayers as you evangelize as CWA, CMA, CYA, Youth and PMC. Do not fear to proclaim the good news because we are instruments” The Bishop concluded.

Fr Kiriti the Parish priest of St Paul wanyororo from which St Monica was an outstation congratulated the Christians for taking up the challenge of desiring to be a parish and working towards it.  “A parish is a sign of growth in faith in the Diocese” he said and hoped to continue working together with the Christians and new parish priest.Fr Andati on his part promised to journey together with the Christians while Fr Mureithi the dean welcomed the new parish to Lanet Deanery.


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