“we are the face of the Diocese “very Rev Fr Mbogo during Nakuru  Deanery mass

Nakuru Deanery mass is an annual event this year the mass was held at St Augustine Parish –Kiamunyi. The main celebrant was the Vicar General assisted by other priests from the eight Parishes in the Deanery.

The Vicar General welcomed and recognized all the parishes present. He also recognized the newly elected leaders and thanked the outgoing leaders for their hard work and commitment. “we are the face of the Diocese” said the vicar general as he encouraged all groups to be active in the parishes, Deanery and Diocese.

Fr Njogu who is the Dean encouraged the faithful to consider the sacrament of matrimony in order to be ready to receive Christ present in the Eucharist. He also thanked all who participated to make the event a success.


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