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Animated by St John’s Muguga Parish from Lanet Deanery annual PMC thanksgiving mass was led by Rt Rev Maurice Muhatia assisted by Fr Edwin Ndumia and Fr Collins Maribong.
in his homily the Bishop encouraged the children to learn and discern more about the various vocations in the church which include Holy Matrimony,Holy Orders and Religious brothers and sisters.
After mass the missionary tins were returned.The tins contains donations from the PMC children to help other children who are in need be it in the diocese,national or worldwide.
The Bishop thanked the PMS Director Fr Edwin Ndumia and PMC coordinator Sr Esther Gathoni for their efforts in journeying with children.He also appreciated the PMC animators who journey with the children at the parish level.
The Bishop also requested the children to contributed 50 shs each in next years thanksgiving mass.The 50 shs will be in support of building the retirement home for priests.
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Catholic Bishops attend a plenary in isiolo Vicariate

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Catholic bishops at a plenary in Isiolo Vicariate


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Radio Amani Celebrated 10th  years of evangelization in the Diocese and beyond   on 9th october 2018 .The staff visited  st Francis and Mwangaza rehabilitation centres.




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Njoro Deanery mass held at Queen of the Holy Rosary church in Mangu Parish.In his homily the Bishop encouraged the Christians to take the sacrament of matrimony seriously and to be faithful.


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National prayer day mass at the Subukia Marian shrine which is located in Nakuru Diocese.This year mass was animated by Nairobi Metropolitan , next year it will be animated by Mombasa metropolitan.


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The Franciscans in the world celebrated Transitus every year on the 3rd of October. This is a time when Franciscans remember the death of st Francis of Assisi and reawaken his teachings.At the diocese of Nakuru Transitus was commemorated at Holy trinity parish Milimani. The Franciscan Family both religious and lay serving in the diocese gathered for adoration,mass and Transitus which was led by the Franciscan friar Minor and the Franciscan conventual. The feast of st Francis of Assisi is celebrated on 4th october. Lord make us instruments of your peace St Francis of Assisi pray for us.


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29th of September 2018 witnessed a historic day in the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru as for the first time the Bishop celebrated a thanksgiving mass at Holy Trinity Parish Mlimani with PMC Animators drawn from all the deaneries in the Diocese. The day started with adoration at nine o’clock led by the Diocesan PMS Director Fr. Edwin Ndumia and later mass celebrated by the Bishop. In his opening remarks, the Bishop reminded the animators that those working with children are happy people and their happiness should be contagious to the children. Being also a day that the church celebrates the archangels, the Bishop said that Angels are the highest of all God’s creation though Satan was an angel and when he wanted to be like God he was thrown out of heaven cautioning the animators against pride in their work. The three archangels, Michael, Raphael and Gabriel have special meanings attached to their names. Michael; who can be like God, Gabriel; God’s power and Raphael; God’s cure. From these special teachings, the Bishops sent the animators to teach children on these three archangels, that there is none like God, the one with all power and might is God and that the solutions to all worldly problems is God. Towards the end of mass, the Bishop sent all the diocesan animators to be vocational promoters and thus gave them a new name- PMC Animators Vocational Promoters. From the total attendance of close to 450 animators, a total of Kshs. 128,750 was raised through the thanksgiving envelopes. These monies will be channeled towards the ‘Adopt a Seminarian’ initiative started by animators this year and will assist in catering for the needs of a seminarian whom the Bishop will choose but will not be known to the Christians. Present during mass was Sr. Esther Gathoni, the Diocesan PMC Coordinator and outgoing and incoming Diocesan PMC Animator leaders who were received and blessed by Bishop.
Anthony Oseing’- Diocesan PMC Animators Chairperson.


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Being an outstation of Holy Trinity Milimani st Michael London was blessed and consecrated by Rt Rev Maurice Muhatia -Bishop of Nakuru assisted by Fr Githara,Fr Mwangi and Fr Thuo.
In his homily the Bishop told the Christians of st Michael London not to forget the far the Lord has brought them.He said the journey of finishing the church took long but today it was accomplished.
He encouraged the Christians
to always seek the protection of St Michael the Arch angel who is their patron.The bishop informed the christians about the nine order of Angels namely : Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels and Angels.
The bishop reminded the Christians to be humble because Pride made an angel the devil and humility makes humans angels.


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South rift annual joint prayer and thanksgiving service uniformed disciplined services and their families.
at the Cathedral church of christ the King.
Theme:put your trust in the Lord(Psalms 118:8)
“Tolerance is a virtue,lets practice it”Bishop Mugambi
Mass was led by Rt Rev Salesius Mugambi(Bishop of Meru) assisted by priests.
in his homily the Bishop emphasized on the importance of tolerance to each other and living together in unity.The bishop said lots of things happen when we are not patient with each other yet we were all created by God.
in the past two years the thanks giving mass was organised by the NYS and today it was handed to the Administration police for the next 2 years.
The bishop blessed the tools of work of the disciplined services.


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Nakuru Diocese Secular Franciscan order( lay Franciscans) at St peters Elburgon.
The Secular Franciscan Order belongs to the Franciscan Family and is “formed by the organic union of all the Catholic fraternities, whose members, moved by the Holy Spirit, commit themselves through profession to live the Gospel after the manner of St. Francis in their secular state following the Rule approved by the Church” (Const. 1,3).
“The rule and life of the Secular Franciscans is this: to observe the gospel of our Lord Jesus christ by following the example of Saint Francis of Assisi, who made Christ the inspiration and the centre of his life with God and people…. They should devote themselves especially to careful reading of the gospel, going from gospel to life and life to the gospel.” ( Rule Article 4).
According to the latest Statistics (31-12-2002), the SFO has about 400.000 professed members.
The Secular Franciscan Order is divided into Fraternities at various levels: local, regional, national and international. Each of these Fraternities is animated and guided by its Council and a Minister or President.
The local Fraternity is “the basic unit of the whole Order and is a visible sign of the Church, the community of love. This should be the privileged place for developing a sense of Church and the Franciscan vocation and for enlivening the apostolic life of its members” (Rule Article 22).
“The fraternity must offer to its members opportunities for coming together and collaborating through meetings to be held with as great a frequency as allowed by the situation and, with the involvement of all its members” (Constitutions 53,1)
“The council of the local fraternity is composed of the following offices: minister, vice-minister, secretary, treasurer, and master of formation. Other offices may be added according to the needs of each fraternity. The spiritual assistant of the fraternity forms part of the council by right (Constitutions 49,1-2)

The regional Fraternity “assures the link between the local Fraternities and the national Fraternity” (Constitutions 61).

“The regional Fraternity is animated and guided by a Minister, or President, and by a Council who are duly elected” (Constitutions 61,3).

“The national Fraternity is the organic union of local Fraternities existing within the territory of States or of national entitities” (Constitutions 65,1).

“The national Fraternity… is animated and guided by a Minister or President and by a Council who are duly elected” (Constitutions 65,3).

“The international Fraternity is constituted by the organic union of alll the Catholic Secular Franciscan Fraternities in the world. It is identical with the SFO (Constitutions 69,1).
“The international Fraternity is guided and animated by the Minister or President with the International Council (CIOFS), that has its seat in Rome (Italy)” (Constitutions 69,2).
“The International Council meets in the SFO General Chapter with legislative, deliberative and elective powers” (Constitutions 70,3).