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The Bishop joined the Christians of the Cathedral Church of Christ the King for the way of the cross.


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“Let us revive the teaching of the church on the priestly ministry”bishop Muhatia to the the priests during chrism mass at the Cathedral Church of Christ the King.

Chrism mass was led by Rt Rev Maurice Muhatia bishop of Nakuru assisted by priest from the Diocese. The mass was also attended by religious and the laity.

The Bishop wished all the priests a happy feast day. referring to the reading of Isaiah reminded the priests to

a)Bring good tidings to the afflicted by preaching the gospel in good times and bad times.(prophetic mission of the church)”The call of the priest is to preach the word of God in season and out of season”he said. he also encouraged the priests to prepare the faithful on the word of God.

b)he has send me to bind up the broken hearted(priestly mission of the priest) The bishop reminded the priests on the importance of being available to the faithful through the sacraments and catechism.

C)To proclaim liberty to captives(kingly office of the priest)The bishop told the priests that they are spiritual kings and therefore should fight spiritual wars against Satan for the people. He reminded the priests that theirs is a kingship of Liberation.

In this mass the bishop also remembered and prayed for the priest that passed on I.e Fr Mungai,Fr Simon and Fr Derry (SPS).The bishop also encouraged the lay faithful to approach the priests for prophetic,priestly and kingly mission as he explained in his homily.”Help us to serve you as laity and religious may the Lord God bless us in this essential role given to us”.


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Dear young people may each one of you be a jar of perfume that will be broken and spill over the love of Christ to the world”Bishop Maurice Muhatia -Palm Sunday 2018

The Diocese of Nakuru dedicates the Palm Sunday mass to the youth.For this year the palm Sunday youth mass was animated by Njoro Deanery. The theme Being “Do not be afraid Mary,For you have found favour in God”Lk 1:30.

The mass was led by Rt Rev Maurice Muhatia Bishop of Nakuru assisted by Fr David Ngige( Youth Chaplain )and Fr Douglas (Vocation Director).in his homily the Bishop referred to the Gospel of the day from Mark informing the youth not to forget the setting of that gospel which was in the house of Simon the leper.He explained that lepers were known for their stench and hopeless situation.However our Lord associated himself with the lowly. Referring to the woman in the gospel who broke her jar to anoint Christ the Bishop said”Dear young people of CDN go out and allow yourself to be broken and spill over the perfume of Christs love.The jar of the perfume was broken because God is wasteful with his love he gives in abundance and the love overflows to the world”

The cross was also handed over to East pokot Deanery who will lead next years youth mass.The outgoing officials were also recognized for their noble service to the youth.

Catholic Bishop’s release a press statement on a call to healing and reconciliation.

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A Call to Healing and Reconciliation
“For if while we were enemies were reconciled to God by the death of His Son, much more, now that we are reconciled, shall we be saved by His life” Romans 5:10
We the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) meeting at the Queen of Apostles Clergy House, wish to send Lenten greetings to you all people of God and all people of goodwill. The Season of Lent is a period in which we are called to examine our conscience and make judgment of our own actions. This leads to personal self-examination, conversion and renewal.
We wish to acknowledge the gesture of our two leaders, His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta and Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga, in meeting and extending hands of reconciliation among themselves, and as a sign of their commitment in collaborating towards uniting the deeply divided and polarized Country. This public gesture of reconciliation and their desire to move the Country forward following the year-long electioneering campaigns last year is obviously a relief to many Kenyans. We, therefore, laud this gesture and hope that it is an opening to a greater commitment towards seeking real solutions to a more just, democratic and prosperous Country where every Citizen has an opportunity to develop. This gesture also enhances our conviction that dialogue is possible.
We wish to remind Kenyans that as Bishops we have in the past called on all leaders and stakeholders to employ constructive dialogue as the only way of resolving conflict. Kenya has gone through very trying moments. With this latest development we believe it is only the beginning of charting out the path that gives room to everybody to engage in uniting and reconciling Kenyans. This beginning should now accommodate all stakeholders and Kenyans and be open to addressing all the issues that are of concern to this Country. We see the new found collaboration of the two leaders as creating the environment for this dialogue.
Towards this end, as Catholic Bishops we are committed to pursuing the path of national dialogue through an inclusive participatory process from the grassroots to the national level. To achieve this, during the Lenten Campaign launch on February 10th 2018 in Kisumu, we initiated the process by commissioning our Christians beginning with the Small Christian Communities to reflect on issues affecting our country.
We therefore urge all leaders across the political divide to support this path so that it does not remain a public relation exercise or a show of two individuals. As this goes on, it is very important to recognize the role of the opposition in any democratic society, to check on the government for better service delivery. We still emphasize that at all times and in all situations there must always remain the respect for the rule of law and institutions.
Regarding the state of insecurity in parts of the country it is of great concern to us. Recently, there were incidents of insecurity in Mount Elgon and in parts of Northern and Coastal regions. The government has a primary mandate to protect its people and must therefore ensure people live without fear as they go about their daily endeavors.
In conclusion, we thank all Kenyans for their continued prayers and maintaining peace even at critical moments of the recent past. We pray that God blesses Kenya and God blesses our people. In anticipation we wish each one of you a happy Easter and the joy of the resurrected Christ.

Rt. Rev. Philip Anyolo
Wednesday, 14th March 2018


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Prof. Justus Mbae Vice Chancellor of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa

Very Rev. Fr. Daniel Kimutai Rono- the General Secretary of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops

Members of Staff –Commission for Education & Religious Education

Education Secretaries and Religious Education Advisors

Principals, head teachers and Directors of Catholic Private Institutions

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and gentlemen:

I welcome you to the CaPEIA 2018 Conference, a conference   that is focused on   leadership   in Catholic private educational institutions. It is a great joy to see you all and humbling to have you   in this great Auditorium. The Bishops Conference wishes to express   gratitude for the great work you are doing in ensuring that Catholic private schools offer quality education and remain truly Catholic.   I congratulate your    Schools for posting impressive 2017 KCPE and KCSE results.

The theme for this Conference is ‘Parental Empowerment and Engagement for holistic Education’’. This theme is inspired by Titus 2:7, ‘’In all things you yourself…be sincere and serious in your teaching’ This quotation from Titus singles what three things that parents and educators need to focus on that is faith, sincerity and seriousness in the education of their children.

This theme focuses on parenting in order to:

  1. Inspire parents to take up their role in values and faith formation of their children more seriously
  2. Encourage them to participate  in  all aspects of the education of their children
  • Support their children in achievement of their life goals
  1. Take up responsibility of preventing abuse of their children in and out of school
  2. Productively engage with the school administration and teachers for the good of their children
  3. Build our own capacity to empower parents/guardians as our collaborators in provision of holistic education.

We truly appreciate that the new curriculum has this theme as one of the major principles.


You will agree with me that   successful educational programs depend upon the cooperation and involvement of the parents with the school. According to Declaration on Christian Education (Gravissimum Educationis, 3; 1965),   parents have given children their life, they are bound by the most serious obligation to educate their offspring and therefore must be recognized as the primary and principal educators.

Therefore, partnership between your Catholic school and the families of pupils and students must continue and be strengthened: not simply to be able to deal with academic problems that may arise, but rather so that the educational goals of the school can be achieved.  This partnership is more important today, when   dealing with sensitive issues such as religion, moral values,   human sexuality education, pornography, social media, child protection as well as rights and responsibilities of children. This partnership is not a question of convenience, but a serious partnership based on faith, value of children as a gift from God and the future of any society.

We must make parents aware of    the dangers of Comprehensive Sexuality Education, and at the same time empower them to educate their children on age-appropriate human sexuality. Other threats to children in our schools that parents can assist to address are radicalization, drug abuse, teenage suicide which you are going to deal with this week.

Catholic tradition teaches that God has bestowed on the family its own specific and unique educational mission, we must uphold this mission in our schools  (Congregation for Catholic Education, 1988). As Catholic Educators we need to help   parents understand and appreciate their roles   in school as spelt out by Canon 792 §2;

        “Parents must cooperate closely with the teachers of the schools to which they entrust their children to be educated; moreover, teachers in fulfilling their duty are to collaborate very closely with parents, who are to be heard willingly and for whom associations or meetings are to be established and highly esteemed’’.   

  I call upon you to consider the following in empowering parents of your schools in the following roles:

  1. Being active in the faith development of their children and worship .Participating in school Masses when possible
  2. Ensuring children participate and contribute to Community service
  3. Instilling in each child positive values, attitudes and behaviour.
  4. Supporting school and class regulations and policies. These include policies such as Code of Dressing
  5. Supporting the educational programs offered at school by conscientious supervision of school assignments.

It is your task as   Catholic school leadership to ensure that parents understand what Catholic identity of a school is and engage them in maintaining that identity

I am asking each of your schools to draw up a formal program of continuous parental empowerment and engagement that can be monitored assessed and replicated somewhere else. This is a task CaPEIA at the Diocese should undertake as this year’s   assignment. I look forward to listening to the best practices and lessons learnt from your schools during next years’ CaPEIA Conference.

I will now address you on your other roles

  1. Spiritual leaders in and of Catholic schools.

You are leaders with a difference; leaders in and of institutions whose first mission is to make “disciples of all nations ’’Matthew 28:18-20. You can only make disciples if you are one. Therefore, the need to model discipleship is paramount in Catholic schools. In your school,  a  number of   staff may not be practising Catholics and it is not likely to be any time.  These members look up to you to understand and appreciate what the Catholic faith is all about and how it can impact on life positively. As leaders, there is need:

  • Have annual induction for all members of staff on Catholic identity
  • Identify core –Christian values and systematically inculcate them in the school community
  • Ensure the Catholic children receive age –appropriate catechism
  • Prepare well for and celebrate the school Saint day and other days of obligation
  • Carry out faith formation programs for all staff ( not for conversion purposes).It is this same staff who understand what the Catholic faith is about that will impart Catholic values on the learners.
  1. Educational Leaders

As educational leaders there is need to adhere to the established Church and Government regulations including:

  • Competitive recruitment of teachers in respect to quality, performance and character (background search is very important)
  • Ensuring that all teachers are registered by the TSC .It is a criminal offense with tough penalties to have a non-registered teacher n any school today. Registration is for the good of your school
  • Not engaging anyone who has been de-registered by TSC for whatever reasons.
  • Ensuring child friendly learning environment with no corporal punishment.
  • Using competency based teaching methodologies to maintain performance.

On governance, every school should have a formerly established and functional Board of Management. This will give a sense of accountability to the stakeholders and will shield the head and manager of the institution from uncalled for suspicion and criticism.


As I conclude, I wish to address   you as CaPEIA Association members.

I note with gratitude that the numbers are increasing every successive year .This is a sign that what CaPEIA is doing is attracting attention .I encourage you to continue with activities at your school, Diocesan and national level with even greater enthusiasm.

We are aware that we have many more Catholic private Educational institutions out there waiting to be introduce to CaPEIA BY YOU. I invite each one of you to seek out one other Catholic educational institution and bring them to the fold,  so that in  the year 2019 ,the number here will be doubled. Remember as Catholics “United we stand’’- We shall make a stronger impression and greater discipleship.’’.

I wish you very fruitful discussions and may this conference be to you an opportunity to learn, reflect, share and enhance your spiritual growth and professional skills.

I will leave you with these challenging words from Pope Benedict XV1

“A good school provides a rounded education for the whole person. And a good Catholic school, over and above this, should help all its students to become saints.’



Thank you  & God Bless You All !


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It was a solemn occasion as priests,sisters,brothers and lay faithful  filled the Cathedral church of Christ the King to pay a send off to Fr Wambugu. The mass was led by the Bishop assisted by the clergy.

In his homily the Bishop remembered Fr Simon as a hardworking priest.Fr Omondi from the Arch diocese of Mombasa represented his classmate to pay tribute to the Late Fr Wambugu he said”Our condolences to Fr Simon’s family and relatives you have lost an illustrious son.Our condolence to all his have lost a worthy companion.Our condolence to the priests and religious of the catholic Diocese of Nakuru. you have lost a brother who meant much to you.Our condolence to the Bishop of and the entire Diocese of Nakuru. You have lost a brilliant and dedicated priest”


A representative of the family read the tribute”To you our loving son,brother ,Uncle Fr Simon is with such pain you have left any way can express our loss,you are our role model,our spiritual father and our most great friend .you are a blessing to our entire family.All of your time,you were mindful about each and every member of our family and kept us in your daily prayers”.

The Bishop of Muranga Rt Rev James Maria Wainaina also send sent his condolence. Before his death Late Fr Wambugu was at  St John Paul II Sabbatical centre in Muranga .Members of the centre present and read their tribute.

The entire Diocese mourn this great priest ever smiling and available for others.His absence will be felt greatly. Eternal rest grant to him o lord and let your perpetual light shine upon him.May he rest in peace Amen.



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The late Fr Simon Wambugu Mugwe funeral mass will be held  at the cathedral church of Christ the king    on 19th February 2018 at 10am. This will be followed by the burial ceremony  at the Diocesan cemetery (St Augustine’s parish -Bahati).CDN Christians and friends have eulogized Fr Simon on various social media platforms as follows.

Sam Wahome …………..You given my life meaning.. All i can say is glory be to God.. Rest in peace my brother

Anthony Mburu May our Heavenly Dad rest your soul in eternal peace. You were a great orator and preacher who touched the lives of many. You lived your priestly call to the end. You shall forever remain embedded in my life for your intellectual and well researched sermons at Cathedral church of Christ the King. Your friendly gestures and overtures will forever be imprinted in my soul. Soon we shall be together. You have only gone before us.

Karanja Michael  So sad rising up to the news of your demise classmate.May you rest in peace in the Kingdom of God our Father.Peace and consolation to the entire family

Sammy Maiyo My condolences to the Rt Rev.Maurice M. Makumba, priests, family, relatives and friends of Fr. Simon. May his soul rest in eternal peace

Sam S Nganga In the good hands of our maker. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

David Mwakio I join all the faithfuls of the Catholic Church to pray for the Soul of one of ours. Despite the distance, your spirit will ever remain leading us to eternity. RIP Fr.

Milka Chebet Eternal rest, grant to him ooh lord and let your perpetual light shine upon them, may he rest in peace. amen

Waumini Sacco Society Ltd      May his Soul RIP. Shine on your way Rev Fr Simon Wambugu Mugwe.

Anna Warui May he rest in eternal peace. Poleni watu Nakuru Diocese for the loss

Francis Akamais OH HEAVENLY FATHER !!!! rest his soul in eternal place !!! He loved st Teresa Omando church wholeheartedly!!!!

Margaret Were Promoted to Glory fare thee well father, Jesus whom you served faithfully may receive you in heaven amen

Isabella Maleso May you rest in peace Fr. Simon until we meet again

Peter Munyali Condolence to Catholic fraternity of Nakuru Diocese be strong & may Almighty God grant Fr….Eternal res

Omudi Vidali I wish I could give you many more years. I wish I could erase away all of your tears.
I want to take away all of your pain. I want to give you sunshine in the rain.
May each new day be a perfect gift. May love surround you, may your spirits lift. If someone had to describe you so many words come to mind. Beauty and grace, a heart so kind. You radiate warmth like a blazing fire. You are courage and wisdom. You truly inspire. You attract like a magnet beautiful things. You sparkle and shine like a diamond ring.
You light up a room when you walk in. If someone feels sad you can make them grin.
You are elegant and charming. You know right from wrong. You are the melody from a beautiful love song.
You are a breath of fresh air on a hot summer’s night. When there is darkness you turn on the light. I do not want these words to make you cry. I do not want to ever say goodbye.
I believe miracles really do come true. No one deserves one more than you.
Please know how many lives you touch. These words are my present. You are loved so much FR. Simon and I will personally miss you so much.



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Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent season different parishes have mass on this day whereby ashes are applied on the forehead.Bishop Maurice Muhatia celebrating mass at the Cathedral church of Christ the King Said”We are starting the Lenten season in great sadness due to the loss of Fr Simon wambugu may God grant him eternal rest in his glory  for the good work he did.Fr Simon was from upper Subukia Parish  ,a priest for six years and 36 years of Age”

in his homily the Bishop has said that the Death of Fr Simon has a occurs at a season when we are reminded that we are dust and to dust we shall return.The journey of death is for all of us, we are ambassadors of Christ let us show that in Lenten our ambassadorship is seen in prayer,alms-giving and fasting.our goal should be to please God.This year we have to weigh between valentine and Ash Wednesday.However Ash Wednesday takes a greater part in assuring and reminding us of the great love of God that surpasses  human love.



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 Theme :Reconciliation for Peaceful Coexistence and National Integration, Justice for All.

After the launch of the National Lenten campaign yesterday in Kisumu Arch -Diocese.The catholic Diocese of Nakuru Launched its lenten campaign at the Cathedral church of Christ the king.The main celebrant was Bishop Maurice Muhatia assisted by Fr Waweru  (CJPC) Frs  Kogo,Kulei and Mark.Also present were CJPC commissioners from different Deaneries.

Touching on the theme of this year which is  “Reconciliation for Peaceful Coexistence and National Integration, Justice for All.” the Bishop encouraged the faithful to love each other beyond tribal boundaries by shunning negative ethnicity.He also reminded the Christians on the important of prayer and meditation on the themes given for the five weeks of lent.

The Lenten Campaign is based on weekly themes; week one focuses on Good Governance and how to address incompetence and corruption in the counties and the country as a whole. It emphasizes that with good governance, citizens receive satisfactory services from their National and County Governments.
The second week talks about Reconciliation. There is need to create a reconciled community. Archbishop Kivuva stresses that to have reconciliation, children must be raised in a reconciled environment.
The third week focuses on Youth and Development. It spells out how the youth can be empowered and how to create opportunities for them.
The fourth week is concerned with Security and examines how security can be enhanced in the community.
The last week focuses on Child Protection and examines how to ensure that the fundamental rights of children are respected.



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The catholic diocese of nakuru health office in conjuction with the hospital chaplaincy  and other stakeholders organised for mass for the sick in order to commemorate the world day of the sick.The mass happened at the cathedral church of Christ the king the main celebrant was Rt Rev Maurice Muhatia assisted by Very Rev Fr Mbogo(Vicar General)Fr Kipruto  (Hospital Chaplain) Fr Njogu (Dean- Nakuru) Fr Rono (st Augustine Kiamunyi Parish and Fr Kioko(St Francis parish-KITI)

in his homily the Bishop thanked the ministers of the sick for the work they do.He also encouraged the sick not to get annoyed with God but trust in him in their conditions.He also told the ministers of the sick to be patient with the  sick and not find them as a burden.

“seek and adhere to advice from the Doctors or health experts”the bishop added as he said that healing is a processes as illustrated in the story of Naaman in the bible . The Bishop also said that sickness can be a sign of salvation of others referring to the words of st john Paul the second who looked at his sickness with the eyes of faith.”Before the sick we meet God”said the bishop adding that it is in the sick we see people created in the likeness of God.He also warn the faithful against talking negatively or discouraging the sick.He said that the sick need love and care.

on the sacrament of anointing of the sick,the Bishop said it is for the living.He cautioned from people taking the sacrament of the sick as a bad omen.He said the sacrament of the sick is for those in danger of doesn’t mean that one will die after anointing. The sacrament of the sick is meant to strengthen spiritually and physically.The bishop therefore encouraged the faithful to always ask for the Sacrament of the sick however they should not exaggerate in the request for the sacrament due to physiological fear.

“Be Ambassadors of early testing” the bishop said encouraging people to go for medical check up at least once a year.He said this will prevent risk and also make people aware of their health conditions .He encouraged people to be tested for cancer,HIV and tests for other diseases.