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Njoro Deanery mass held at Queen of the Holy Rosary church in Mangu Parish.In his homily the Bishop encouraged the Christians to take the sacrament of matrimony seriously and to be faithful.


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National prayer day mass at the Subukia Marian shrine which is located in Nakuru Diocese.This year mass was animated by Nairobi Metropolitan , next year it will be animated by Mombasa metropolitan.


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South rift annual joint prayer and thanksgiving service uniformed disciplined services and their families.
at the Cathedral church of christ the King.
Theme:put your trust in the Lord(Psalms 118:8)
“Tolerance is a virtue,lets practice it”Bishop Mugambi
Mass was led by Rt Rev Salesius Mugambi(Bishop of Meru) assisted by priests.
in his homily the Bishop emphasized on the importance of tolerance to each other and living together in unity.The bishop said lots of things happen when we are not patient with each other yet we were all created by God.
in the past two years the thanks giving mass was organised by the NYS and today it was handed to the Administration police for the next 2 years.
The bishop blessed the tools of work of the disciplined services.


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Nakuru Diocese Secular Franciscan order( lay Franciscans) at St peters Elburgon.
The Secular Franciscan Order belongs to the Franciscan Family and is “formed by the organic union of all the Catholic fraternities, whose members, moved by the Holy Spirit, commit themselves through profession to live the Gospel after the manner of St. Francis in their secular state following the Rule approved by the Church” (Const. 1,3).
“The rule and life of the Secular Franciscans is this: to observe the gospel of our Lord Jesus christ by following the example of Saint Francis of Assisi, who made Christ the inspiration and the centre of his life with God and people…. They should devote themselves especially to careful reading of the gospel, going from gospel to life and life to the gospel.” ( Rule Article 4).
According to the latest Statistics (31-12-2002), the SFO has about 400.000 professed members.
The Secular Franciscan Order is divided into Fraternities at various levels: local, regional, national and international. Each of these Fraternities is animated and guided by its Council and a Minister or President.
The local Fraternity is “the basic unit of the whole Order and is a visible sign of the Church, the community of love. This should be the privileged place for developing a sense of Church and the Franciscan vocation and for enlivening the apostolic life of its members” (Rule Article 22).
“The fraternity must offer to its members opportunities for coming together and collaborating through meetings to be held with as great a frequency as allowed by the situation and, with the involvement of all its members” (Constitutions 53,1)
“The council of the local fraternity is composed of the following offices: minister, vice-minister, secretary, treasurer, and master of formation. Other offices may be added according to the needs of each fraternity. The spiritual assistant of the fraternity forms part of the council by right (Constitutions 49,1-2)

The regional Fraternity “assures the link between the local Fraternities and the national Fraternity” (Constitutions 61).

“The regional Fraternity is animated and guided by a Minister, or President, and by a Council who are duly elected” (Constitutions 61,3).

“The national Fraternity is the organic union of local Fraternities existing within the territory of States or of national entitities” (Constitutions 65,1).

“The national Fraternity… is animated and guided by a Minister or President and by a Council who are duly elected” (Constitutions 65,3).

“The international Fraternity is constituted by the organic union of alll the Catholic Secular Franciscan Fraternities in the world. It is identical with the SFO (Constitutions 69,1).
“The international Fraternity is guided and animated by the Minister or President with the International Council (CIOFS), that has its seat in Rome (Italy)” (Constitutions 69,2).
“The International Council meets in the SFO General Chapter with legislative, deliberative and elective powers” (Constitutions 70,3).


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Animated by the catholic diocese of Nakuru, Nairobi metropolitan mass was held today at the resurrection Garden. The main celebrant was John Cardinal Njue assisted by Bishops from the metropolitan. Also present were priests, religious and over 1000 catechists of the metropolitan of Nairobi.The metropolitan of Nairbi consists of the Arch Diocese of Nairobi,Nakuru,Kitui,Machakos Ngong and Kericho dioceses.
In his homily Rt Rev Maurice Muhatia Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru emphasised more on the theme of the day which was “Catechists as agents of reconciliation”. He also reminded the catechists on the importance of the feast of the exaltation of the cross which was celebrated today.
The bishop encouraged the catechist to be agents of reconciliation and unity and to walk in the way of the cross of Christ which gave us redemption. Bishop Muhatia reminded the catechist the work of evangelization and reconciliation needs sacrifice and humility. He also reminded them of the importance of collaborating with the priests and their Bishops.
Catechist George Abiero the chairperson of the Catechist in the Diocese of Nakuru spoke on behalf of all the catechists. Among other things that he said, he reminded the catechist that” we should remember we are echoes of love, hope, truth and mercy. Catechists are incredible gif t to the church”.
Fr Kioko in response to catechists’ questions in previous years explained that:
A catechist is a lay man or lay woman who participates formally in the catechetical ministry of the church he responds to a call by witnessing through their life and teaching. A catechist has a vocation within other vocations; Called in the life of family and evangelizer of God’s work. A catechist is called to become committed to the church and to teach the doctrine of the Catholic Church faithfully.Fr Kioko Continued to say that a catechist should offer service to the faith community in commitment, be open in deepening their faith through prayer, good deeds and practicing the sacraments. Catechists need to develop their faith through strengthening their spirituality through devotion to the Eucharist, word of God and mass. He also added that the Catechists need to enhance their catechetical skills.
He continued to say that the bishop of the metropolitan suggested that there is need to have more catechetical centres. The bishops also recommended that a catechist to be part of parish pastoral team in the metropolitan. The bishops also recommended that catechist should use the book “catechism of the catholic church” which is in English and Swahili.
Sr. Michelle Njeri – CDN Communications Office)


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The Bishop joined the Christians of the Cathedral Church of Christ the King for the way of the cross.


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Dear young people may each one of you be a jar of perfume that will be broken and spill over the love of Christ to the world”Bishop Maurice Muhatia -Palm Sunday 2018

The Diocese of Nakuru dedicates the Palm Sunday mass to the youth.For this year the palm Sunday youth mass was animated by Njoro Deanery. The theme Being “Do not be afraid Mary,For you have found favour in God”Lk 1:30.

The mass was led by Rt Rev Maurice Muhatia Bishop of Nakuru assisted by Fr David Ngige( Youth Chaplain )and Fr Douglas (Vocation Director).in his homily the Bishop referred to the Gospel of the day from Mark informing the youth not to forget the setting of that gospel which was in the house of Simon the leper.He explained that lepers were known for their stench and hopeless situation.However our Lord associated himself with the lowly. Referring to the woman in the gospel who broke her jar to anoint Christ the Bishop said”Dear young people of CDN go out and allow yourself to be broken and spill over the perfume of Christs love.The jar of the perfume was broken because God is wasteful with his love he gives in abundance and the love overflows to the world”

The cross was also handed over to East pokot Deanery who will lead next years youth mass.The outgoing officials were also recognized for their noble service to the youth.


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Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent season different parishes have mass on this day whereby ashes are applied on the forehead.Bishop Maurice Muhatia celebrating mass at the Cathedral church of Christ the King Said”We are starting the Lenten season in great sadness due to the loss of Fr Simon wambugu may God grant him eternal rest in his glory  for the good work he did.Fr Simon was from upper Subukia Parish  ,a priest for six years and 36 years of Age”

in his homily the Bishop has said that the Death of Fr Simon has a occurs at a season when we are reminded that we are dust and to dust we shall return.The journey of death is for all of us, we are ambassadors of Christ let us show that in Lenten our ambassadorship is seen in prayer,alms-giving and fasting.our goal should be to please God.This year we have to weigh between valentine and Ash Wednesday.However Ash Wednesday takes a greater part in assuring and reminding us of the great love of God that surpasses  human love.



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Launch of semester and blessing of Cassocks

Presided by Rt Rev Dominic Kimengich -Bishop of Lowdar,st Mary’s seminary molo celebrated the launch of second semester of spiritual formation and blessing of cassocks.The Bishop attended the occassion on behalf of KCCB. Currently the seminary has 5 formators and 77 seminarians from seventeen diocese in kenya.

The Bishop encouraged the seminarians in their spiritual formation reminding them of the importance of prayer.He also told them to keep chaste celibacy.He reminded them of two important points “My dear seminarians be Christ centered,make christ your everything”.Showing his rosary and giving his personal experiences the Bishop told the seminarians “be marian centered,be close to mother Mary and she will always intercede for you”

Also present were CWA members from st Marys Parish -Molo. The Rector thanked them for their continuous support to the seminary.The CWA members donated cups and plates for the seminarians.


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On 8th December  there was  a ground breaking ceremony of Mater Dei Conference Centre and Mater Dei Nakuru Hospitality College  at St Mary’s Pastoral Center. The ground breaking occurred on a day that coincided with the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception.Our Mother Mary has been honored as the patron of the Diocese through the many institutions named after her.Mater Dei  means Mother of God.We thank God for the many blessings and also our mother Mary for her continuous intercession for our diocese. Especially now as we near the Golden Jubilee celebration.