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On 7th october 2017 the annual National prayer day  took place at the National Marian Shrine i Subukia.The mass was animated by  Kisumu Metropolitan which comprise of Eight Dioceses. The main celebrant was Arch -Bishop Zachaeus Okoth assisted by other bishops.Also present was the President and the Vice President among other dignitaries.The priest,religious and laity from various dioceses in Kenya also adorned the celebration.

in his homily the Arch bishop encouraged kenyans to live together in peace and harmony ”standing on these holy grounds of our National Marian shrine,we pray for our families so that in the family of Nazareth where Jesus grew up our families too may be cradle where peace is brewed and served to all members”.He also entrusted the country to our lady of peace especially as we move closer to the repeat of presidential elections.


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The Diocese of Nakuru celebrated its  annual  Family day 0n 2nd September 2017 at Christ the King Academy Grounds -Nakuru.The main celebrant was His Eminence John Cardinal Njue,assisted by the host bishop Maurice Muhatia,Arch Bishop Antony Muheria and Bishop John Oballa.The bishop of Kericho was represented by the Vicar General- Very Rev Fr Karanja.

It is during this annual event that the  Christians in the Diocese give their contributions towards the Diocesan projects for self reliance.


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Led by the Bishop East Pokot Education Initiative (EPEI) fundraising  took place on 26th August 2017 at  Claude Academy -Chemlingot. The event brought together stakeholders and Christians from Nakuru Diocese  to fund raise for this noble programme.

The East Pokot Education Initiative  was launched in the year 2015 with a focus of annually fundraising through the diocesan institutions,friends,pokot community and individuals to educate the children of pokot. The scholarship gives hope to children  to children who would have been at home with no one to help them build a future.




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“Peace perfect peace is the gift of Christ our lord” in his homily  the bishop started with this  hymn which was  written by Bishop Edward Henry Bickersteth. Encouraging the faithful to keep the peace that  God has granted. By mentioning the names of the christians present  from different tribes the Bishop said that “This represent the diversity of   Nakuru and so together we should build our country”.The bishop encouraged  the christians to say never again to violence. Referring to  the first reading of the day  he said that “we shall love the lord your God with all your heart with all your soul with all your mind with all your neighbour”.

The Bishop was pleased that the Nakuru Deanery mass came   after the general election hence the christian should pray for the country and each other . The Bishop said that there  can only be  one president at a time,he  encouraged the christians of Nakuru Deanery to  be signs of peace and be example to others.He warned those  who celebrated the election results  not to provoke those that did not  celebrate.He also said”lets accompany each other in building the nation,the  ladder to God calls for unity. Referring to the gospel of the day the Bishop encouraged the faithful to move  mountains that were  separating them  -Mountains of tribalism.He encouraged the Christians not to forward messages that were not authentic and that could cause division.

Talking to elected leaders the bishop encouraged them  to preach peace and also lead with  responsibility  accountability and development.He also thanked the priests, leaders  and the Christians for their active participation and example.Nakuru deanery consists of the following parishes -kiamunyi ,Milimani, St Joseph the Worker,Hekima,Cathedral,Holy Cross,St Francis -Kiti and St Monicah.



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“we are in celebration we look back with gratitude and look forward in hope”Those were the words of His Lordship Maurice Muhatia Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru during the Golden Jubilee Celebration for the Religious and the Clergy on 28th July 2017 at Christ the King Cathedral. The Bishop encouraged the Priest,Sisters and Brothers present to take the Jubilee Celebrations in the diocese as a time for reflection on what the God has his homily he said it is a time of acknowledgement that everything comes from God and everything has to be taken back to God  in gratitude – “we belong to God and therefore should give ourselves wholeheartedly to God”.The Bishop said that there was still more to be done by Priests,Sisters and Brothers who are agents of evangelisation “we have not done enough so many people need us we should spread out to see it  that many people receive the light of the Gospel”.The Bishop also noted that since the beginning of the diocese the number of vocations in the Diocese has greatly increased.

The day started with a Marian Procession from the Holy Rosary Catholic Church to the Cathedral. Enthronement of the bible was done facilitated

by the Daughters of St Paul followed by Adoration. The mass started at 10 am.


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Radio Amani staff,fans and stakeholders participate on a peace walk to Subukia Marian Shrine.The intention was to pray for peace in the country as we head to the general election and peace in families.

During the walk the participants prayed and sung.The walk concluded with a Mass  which was a collaboration between the Communication sub department andthe Catechetical sub department.The Catechists were at the shrine for a day of prayer  which was facilitated by Sr Mumbua the Catechetical Coordinator.

The Celebrants for the mass were Fr Martin Murimi and Fr Mureithi from Keriget his homily Fr Murimi thanked the Catechist for the role they play in the church.He also thanked Radio Amani staff for the work they do by evangelizing through the media.

Sr Michelle the Communications Coordinator thanked all the participants and stakeholders that contributed to make the day a success.



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On 9th June 2017,the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru celebrated Education Thanks giving day.The event organized by CDN Education Department was held at Christ the King Academy.Present were Education stakeholders from  schools in the diocese.Mass was Celebrated by Rt.Rev Maurice Muhatia -Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru.

In his homily, the Bishop emphasized on the need for wholistic formation in Catholic institution which includes spirit,intellect,body and interaction with others.He also encouraged the need for public and private partnership in the education sector.The bishop said that schools have been set up to take children through education so that they experience true liberation which means respect for other people and  not taking advantage of other people due to system and structures of the society.

The bishop referred to Christ the Teacher as the model of catholic institutions.He recognized the importance  of agents of evangelization in schools who include brothers,sisters,priests and laity.He thanked them for the good work done.The Bishop appealed to the school heads to consider helping students from  areas still high in illiteracy within the diocese.

The bishop also asked the school heads to give equal opportunity to all children.He noted that for a long time the boy child has been forgotten and the girl child supported.

Addressing the students the Bishop said he expected responsible citizens and patriots who love their country.He also urged them to work hard and being disciplined which is the true representation of Catholic schools.


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Courtesy of Catholic News Agency for Africa (CANAA)

The Board of Trustees of Tangaza University College (TUC), has appointed Rev. Prof. Stephen Mbugua Ngari to become the new CEO of the Nairobi-based Catholic Institution effective from July 1, 2017.

He will be succeeding Father Steven Payne, OCD, who has been holding the title of Tangaza University Principal.

Father Payne has told CANAA that he plans to take a month’s home leave in the U.S. and later sabbatical leave, during which he hopes to work on language skills, among them French, Spanish and/or Kiswahili.

TUC, which is affiliated to the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), is jointly owned by several member Religious/Missionary Congregations. The institution applied for a Charter and is in the process of finalizing the process to become a fully-fledged university in Kenya.

Rev. Prof. Mbugua who belongs to Kenya’s Catholic diocese of Nakuru will carry the title “Vice-Chancellor (VC) Designate” until Tangaza receives its university charter.

He was appointed at the Board of Trustee’s meeting of May 31, 2017.

In the letter announcing the new CEO’s appointment, the chairman of the Board, Father Gary A. Mueller of the Congregation of the Mission (CM) welcomed Rev. Prof. Mbugua to the Tangaza community, promising support.

“We are very happy to welcome Fr. Stephen Mbugua Ngari to the Tangaza Community and promise him our prayers, our friendship, and our full support as he takes on this challenging task,” Father Mueller stated in the announcement addressed to TUC community.

The TUC VC-designate holds a doctorate in educational psychology from Egerton University, where he has served as the Dean of Students, the Director of University Welfare Services, as well as the Chair of the Department of Psychology, Counseling, and Educational Foundations.

He has served as a resource person for the Commission for University Education in Kenya.

“The Tangaza community would like to register a hearty thanks to Fr. Steven Payne for his many years of dedicated service to Tangaza and we promise him our prayers and our best wishes,” Father Mueller continued in the announcement letter distributed via email on June 2.

TUC, which started as an institution that rose from the cooperation of some Missionary Congregations has grown exponentially to bring together about 100 Religious/Missionary Congregations with students and lecturers hailing from over 40 countries.

The first group of students, twenty in number, were enrolled to the institution on 25 August 1986, having come from seven different countries to pursue theological studies as part of their formation to priesthood.

Since then, the institution has opened its doors to Christians and non-Christians who meet admission requirements, training them for ministry in its various institutes, among them theology, education, social transformation, spirituality and religious formation, social communication, youth ministry and catechetics, leadership and management.


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  1. In union with Arch-Bishop   Peter Kairo,Bishops,priests,religious men and women and the lay faithful,flocked  the Cathedral Church of Christ the King -Nakuru to bid farewell to the late  Teresia Muringi Muraya (Arch bishop Kairo’s mum)

She was ill and passed on while  in hospital on 15th of May 2016.Teresia Muringi Muraya was an active CWA member and a christian of st Mary’s Molo.She will be remembered by many as a hardworking person and prayerful.May God console the family and more especially Arch Bishop Kairo who once served as the bishop of the catholic diocese of Nakuru.

Eternal Rest Grant unto her o Lord,and let your perpetual light shine upon her.May she rest in peace AMEN.

CDN Faithful during the celebration of 100th Anniversary of Fatima

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Organized  by the pastoral Department ,the Christians of the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru had a procession with the statue of  Our Lady.The procession started at St Monica 58 with a brief introduction By Fr David who is the Assistant Priest

in the procession were also Very Rev Fr Mbogo the Vicar General and Fr Okuta.

The procession had a stop at the Assumption Centre and at the Catholic Bookshop.this was in honor of our lady of whom the two places are named after.

The last stretch was to the cathedral were the mass was Celebrated by Rt Rev Maurice Muhatia- Bishop of the catholic Diocese of Nakuru

In his homily the Bishop shared with the faithful more on the apparitions of Fatima