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29th of September 2018 witnessed a historic day in the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru as for the first time the Bishop celebrated a thanksgiving mass at Holy Trinity Parish Mlimani with PMC Animators drawn from all the deaneries in the Diocese. The day started with adoration at nine o’clock led by the Diocesan PMS Director Fr. Edwin Ndumia and later mass celebrated by the Bishop. In his opening remarks, the Bishop reminded the animators that those working with children are happy people and their happiness should be contagious to the children. Being also a day that the church celebrates the archangels, the Bishop said that Angels are the highest of all God’s creation though Satan was an angel and when he wanted to be like God he was thrown out of heaven cautioning the animators against pride in their work. The three archangels, Michael, Raphael and Gabriel have special meanings attached to their names. Michael; who can be like God, Gabriel; God’s power and Raphael; God’s cure. From these special teachings, the Bishops sent the animators to teach children on these three archangels, that there is none like God, the one with all power and might is God and that the solutions to all worldly problems is God. Towards the end of mass, the Bishop sent all the diocesan animators to be vocational promoters and thus gave them a new name- PMC Animators Vocational Promoters. From the total attendance of close to 450 animators, a total of Kshs. 128,750 was raised through the thanksgiving envelopes. These monies will be channeled towards the ‘Adopt a Seminarian’ initiative started by animators this year and will assist in catering for the needs of a seminarian whom the Bishop will choose but will not be known to the Christians. Present during mass was Sr. Esther Gathoni, the Diocesan PMC Coordinator and outgoing and incoming Diocesan PMC Animator leaders who were received and blessed by Bishop.
Anthony Oseing’- Diocesan PMC Animators Chairperson.