The programme was initiated in 1986 as a result of the realization that shortage / malfunctioning and inadequate distribution of existing water supplies was one of the biggest problems confronting the people.

Between 1986 and 1990, the activities of the Water Prgoramme included spring protection, Gravity flow schemes and roof catchment storage tanks. In 1990, drilling programme was initiated charged with the responsibility of providing water through sinking boreholes.

Water programme also encompasses Nakuru Deflouridation Company-NDC (Water Quality) established in 1998 to research, develop and implement an appropriate technology that would remove fluoride from water while ensuring full water quality and environmental conservation.


To improve the living conditions of the people in the rural and urban areas by providing them with safe and clean water for domestic and agricultural use. The Programme has three sections: – Water Quality, Water Supply and Water Drilling


Water Drilling – in areas where surface water is not available.

Water Supply – roof catchment, construction of Ferro cement and masonry tanks, gravity water schemes, shallow wells, water pans/dams.

Water Quality (NDC) – Provision of quality water (bacterial and chemical) through construction of defluoridation units in institutions, sale of domestic filters, research and development (deflouridation technology), production of the defluoridation material (bone char) and conducting water related research and development.