The National office of Social Communication trained 80 Participants from Nakuru Diocese on being the Parish Communication Agents.This is to help information flow from the parishes to the Diocesan communication office.This page will update you on information from all   parishes that have  Communications Agents.


1.Sunday mass at st peters lanet was celebrated by Fr . Francis mureithi. The superior general of the little sisters of st Francis was Sr. Njeri was also present .Sr Njeri encouraged the young people to embrace vocations and mostly religious life and some children from st peters school pledged to join the vocation. She noted that there is need for religious vocation because there is a lot to be done in the church . In line with that she had come with other elder Sisters who had served in her capacity and also some of her deputies.(By Robert Bii -st peters Lanet Communications Agent)

2. Mass at St Joseph The Worker was led by
Fr. Peter Mose in his homily he;
1. Challenged the Catholic Christians to always carry and read the our Bible.

2. When Israelites were in Babylon they were deaf and dumb but Prophet Isaiah brought hope in their lands, no matter what we are going through “Don’t give up”….
By @nyina mark (terry) St Joseph the Worker -Communications Agent.

3. Where did you attend mass?
Sunday mass led by Fr Casmir at St Veronica Keriget. He encouraged the christian to proclaim the gospel to all.(Paul bett,Keriget Communications Agent)

4. St Patrick’s Parish Eldama Ravine
We had three Sunday masses led by Fr Douglas Koech. The 1st mass was for Elama Ravine Girls and Immaculate parochial primary boarders,2nd mass for the parishioners and 3rd mass for Koibatek youth Deanery.In his Homily Fr Koech encouraged the Christians to embrace Jesus teaching of “all being equal” before God nothing,no matter being rich or poor,good countenance or power in society.all are welcomed before God and all should serve God.
The parish council also discussed the ongoing church building projects with a special recognition to the town MCA Mr Julius Ngotie who assisted a lot in fundraising on 12th August 2018.The choir and the church council will visit him for thanksgiving on 16th September 2018 -Madam Louis Oyango CDN Communications Board Member.

Holy Family -Kipsaraman
The mass was led by Fr Augustine kipkemei. 35 women were received as official CWA members and were given CWA head scarfs. On his homily Fr Augustine told the Christians not do discriminate others or group themselves in classes. He also said that in eyes of God we are all the same and we should l all imitate what Jesus did and what he said.( Mr Chebii,Communications Agent -kipsaraman)

St. Augustine Egerton Chaplaincy
Holy mass was celebrated by our dear priest Rev. Fr. Dr. Gerishon Kuria. During this homily he reminded us that God’s grace is sufficient for all of us and that when we blessed we shouldn’t forget to give thanks to God. He also said ” Let us pray that God will open our ears so we can hear his word and our mouths that we may spread the gospel of God to others”. He also brought a guest who spoke to us about tithe,sadaka & matega, the first fruit(Uzao wa Kwanza), fasting and praying. Also C.M.A members have a get together to share some “Mbuzi choma” na maneno machache ya wazee… By Regina Njeri,Communications Agent Chaplaincy.

@ St Stephen’s karate
we had mass with Fr Edwin Ndumia. In the homily Fr ndumia told us that we are all equal before the eyes of our Lord no matter the situation we are all in being poor or rich. We had youth elections done as per kituo. By Jayne Njeru,Communication Agent -Karate.

St Joseph larmudiac

Mass was celebrated by fr Anthony(st Mary’s seminary-Molo)he insisted on the importance of loving each other and not revenging because vengeance belongs to God. By Patrick Larmudiac parish Communication Agent.

st,veronica keringet,
i attended service at our station,st,Josephs kondamet,which was lead by catechist cornelius Ngetich,and we learned so much on ephata and undersood more that when we were baptised,our ears were blessed to hear,and our mouths blessed to preach the word of God.also confessing our sins is very important.And now i am in our village meeting called Tendwet wellfare group,constitution is being briefed to the 95 members present.( by keter simion,also well known by the name kokwokokwo Communication Agent -Keriget

Cathedral church of Christ the King (3rd mass)
Human beings are prone to assume the needy, During his homily fr. Maribong urged Christians to be ready to assist the needy despite of their situation, he used an example of one man who sat at the entrance of the church with torn clothes begging,all Christians avoided him, shortly the man entered the church and stood at the front only for the Christians to realise the man was their
Pastor, we should learn to support….by Omari Cathedral church of Christ the king Communications Agent.

St Daniel Comboni Parish -Hekima

Leo katika kanisa la St Daniel Comboni Catholic Parish-Hekima kwenye misa iliyoongozwa na Baba Paroko Fr Francis Chepkuto ,aliwahimiza waumini kusikiliza Neno la Mungu na Kulihubiri, pia alisema sote tu sawa machoni pa Mungu haijalishi tu maskini au tajiri.

Waumini pia walipatafursa ya kumuaga Mseminaristi Patson Mwangi ambaye Juma hili atasafiri kurudi Roma Italia kwa masomo zaidi ya Bibilia katika kitengo cha uzamili(Masters Degree).

(C) Ezekiel Nderitu Communications Agent -Hekima.

St Augustine Kiamunyi
Mass was led by Rev Fr Rono and Fr. Charles. There was infant baptism during the mass. There was a church council meeting. The main resolution was how raise funds to complete father’s house that is now in the third phase.By Maina Kiamunyi Communications Agent)

St Joseph the worker outstation-Rongai parish
The parish priest Father Daniel mose mwasi
1- Encouraged the Christians to have hope in life in whatever challenges they may be going through in life may it be sickness,heartbroken, family issues, jobless,financial issues just to mention but a few he quoted the word Efatha as it is the bible as Jesus used it to heal the deaf “open let everything which is bothering u be opened in Jesus name ” he said
2-He also urged the Christians to see the face of God in our neighbours not to look at their physical appearances
3-First we must cleanse ourselves so that Christ can come into our hearts( by Mwaniki Rongai Communications Agent)