The current Bishop of the catholic Diocese of Nakuru is Rt.Rev Maurice Muhatia.

A Community Of Love Where Every Person Is Dignified

To Evangelize Through Pastoral And Human Development

The work and operations of the diocese are guided by the following values:

Christian witness; ensuring that all those acting on its behalf bear Christian values in everything that they do
Roman catholic faith-adhere to the teaching and doctrine of the roman catholic church
Parish community focus: build community target groups at the parish level.
Compassion for all: feel for the suffering of others
Human dignity: respect for humanity and exercise of non discrimination
Transparency and accountability: cherish the virtues of probity, transparency and accountability and therefore seeking to operate according to these virtues at all times
Human resource: commitment to empower its human resources at all levels
Efficient and effective use of resources: commitment to highly effective and efficient use of resources
Subsidiarity (decentralization of decision making authority);empowering the institutions, programmes, and parishes to make decisions; in so-far-as possible at local level.

To be a sustainable and well resourced diocese with mature Christian communities