Started in 1968 the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru celebrate its  Golden Jubilee in 2018.The celebration however was launched on 14th January 2017 at Christ the King Cathedral by Rt Rev. Maurice Muhatia Makumba Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru.

  • The committee has already organized the Movement of the Cross from one parish to another starting from St. Joseph’s Parish Kituro.
  • The committee has established 13 sub-committees which will assist in the preparation of the Golden Jubilee.
  • SCC’s will also take part in the festivals
  • We request the parishes to organize workshops pertaining to sacraments, enhance adoration, retreats, recollection e.t.c.


Colour Meaning of the Colour & Interpretation from the Logo
1.      Green ·         General Meaning: A common day colour seen in plants and trees. It is also a liturgical colour that symbolises new life, hope, regeneration, life eternal.
·         Interpretation from the Logo: We have been moving in hope since the diocese was erected.
2.      Blue ·         General Meaning: This colour is associated with royalty, peace, and nature (sea and sky).
·         Interpretation from the Logo: Very prominent colour in the Logo. The BVM in many paintings is depicted wearing blue.

·         Mary is very central in our diocese; and has taken care of it since its erection:

o   The 1st Cathedral – Holy Rosary Catholic Church

o   Many Parishes/churches/SCC bear the name of Mary; e.g..

§  Holy Rosary Parish, Kerio Valley

§  Mary Mother of God Parish, Kabarnet

§  Mary Mother of God Parish,Rongai

§  St. Mary’s Parish, Molo

§  St, Mary’s Parish, Tenges

o   Many educational institutions bear the name of Mary

§  Regina Pacis Elimu Primary School

§  Mary Mount Secondary School, Molo

o   Health institutions

§  Mercy Mission Hospital

§  Star of the Sea Health Centre, Njoro

o   Diocesan establishments

§  Assumption Centre

§  St. Mary’s Pastoral Centre

§  St. Mary’s Printing Press

·         The National Marian Shrine at Subukia is called “The National Shrine of Mary Mother of God, Subukia

·         As a diocese, we continue in our journey of faith, accompanied by Mary, who accompanied the Apostles after Jesus’ resurrection.

3.      Gold General Meaning: This colour is associated with glory, joy, greatness and virtue. Gold vestments are sometimes used in place of White during Mass celebrations on special occasions, e.g. ordination.
Interpretation from the Logo: We are celebrating our Golden Jubilee; a special moment of joy and glorifying the greatness of God our Creator.
4.      Red General Meaning: This colour is associated the Passion of Christ- the Blood shed on the Cross. It also signifies God’s love and martyrdom.
Interpretation from the Logo: The Blood of Christ flows from the Cross sustains us as a diocese. ………Blood of the martyrs is the seed of Christianity…….


Hence adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will be a central event/activity in all the parishes.

5.      Black General Meaning: Black is the effect of absorption of all other colors.
Interpretation from the Logo: The Diocese of Nakuru is in Africa; and it forms part of the history of the spread of Christian Faith and salvation in the Continent of Africa.
6.      White General Meaning: White is the effect of reflection of all colours. It is a colour associated with light, innocence, purity, joy, triumph,peace, glory.
Interpretation from the Logo: Guided by Our Lady the Queen of Peace, and Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, the Diocese of Nakuru endeavours to promote and preach peace in all its undertakings.
7.      No. 50 Interpretation from the Logo: The Diocese of Nakuru is celebrating 50 years since it was erected from the Diocese of Eldoret (1968-2018).
Christological Symbols used in the Logo
8. The Staurogram (from the Greek σταυρός, i.e. cross), also Monogrammatic Cross or Tau-Rho symbol, is composed by a tau (Τ) superimposed on a rho (Ρ). The Staurogram was first used to abbreviate the Greek word for cross in very early New Testament manuscripts such as P66, P45 and P75, almost like a nomen sacrum, and may visually have represented Jesus on the cross

The Monogrammatic Cross was later seen also as a variation of the Chi Rho symbol, and it spread over Western Europe in the 5th and 6th centuries.

Chi Rho :The Chi Rho is formed by superimposing the first two (capital) letters chi (X) and rho (P), hence (ΧΡ) of the Greek word “ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ” =Christ in such a way to produce the monogram. Use of this monogram was widespread in ancient Christianity.

9. This monogram for Christ with rays of light shining from it is taken from the first letters in the Greek name for Jesus. It is a sign for the Holy Name designed in the fifteenth century by St. Bernardine of Siena


PARISH NUMBER 50 -Our Lady of Sorrows -Kinungi opened on 10th September 2017.